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We were once 'born something', we now can 'become something'

We are in the midst of an exciting period of social evolution today. Millennials are already among the leading authors of our 21st-century narrative, and the generations to follow are not only a significant part of the story, but even poised better to adopt leading roles for the future.

No longer are lives mapped out because we were “born something” every generation since the millennials now can “become something”. In this regard, choices about your education is among the most important decisions you can make. With this as my foremost thought, I welcome you to Deb’s Education Consultancy Services for Overseas Education.

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University Selection & Course Mapping

DECS always creates a handful of options, post looking into all key mentioned factors as recommendations for study abroad. In the order of requisite hierarchy, we check the ranking and accreditation of the university, living conditions of the location, the material of a course content, inputs on the pedagogy, factors on the eligibility for the course that one would wish to pursue, and then it’s time to hammer the nail.

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Visa application & scholarship consulting

The long process of visa application requires the submission of appropriate documents and multiple screenings. The process also varies across countries, with fees that could be range between ten to twelve thousand Rupees (across countries). DECS assists applicants, using expertise gained over the years, and ensures that the filing of documents is done meticulously. 

We also offer services to students to apply for scholarships at a fee. Scholarships, as one is aware, is a matter of the student making applications on their own but DECS will ensure to provide the necessary guidance to applicants at various stages of their application, should the applicant wish to do so.

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The Advantage of Educating yourself Overseas

When driven by passion and your hunger for knowledge, it is possible to accomplish more in the months spent abroad, than at home.

Candidates with international experience offer a more rounded set of abilities and demonstrate wider experience: knowing a foreign language, and communication and interpersonal skills are increasingly valued in global organisations.

Personally, the benefits of developing global intercultural skills will only take you a step closer to being an asset to any multi-national company, and a better world citizen. Besides, having friends and networks around the world is one of the best things.

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