About Us

‘Debs Education Consultancy Services’ is a sole proprietary concern as it reaches you, but the philosophy, technologies and methodologies this company seeks to implement are the result of a collaborative family effort. The heart of this company is mine, and we have two brains. So a good amount of this section requires me to tell you about me (briefly) as much as it does about the company itself.

With over three decades of experience in the field of education, I’ve been a teacher for most of my life, having taught the undergraduate and postgraduate students English literature. When we sought to start a family of our own, I decided to take a step back from my career and dedicate myself to it entirely - until about a decade and half back when I was invited to head a private business venture dealing with counseling of students seeking education opportunities abroad. I eventually took over as the Indian representative of a UK based University. Over time, I’ve associated with members of various foreign Universities, Indian Consultants and a large section of the students’ community. Having understood a child’s need to stand out in the world of fierce competition, I seek to provide necessary impetus that is required for a change in the world of a child with this organization.

My first lesson in management stressed upon the importance of the Vision and Mission statements. While going through the process of setting this organization up, I’ve come to realize exactly how important it is to set these in stone right from the get go. With the intention of further highlighting the "why" behind this organization, I'm proud to share them with you.


Be respected in the field of education for offering the broadest view across the horizon, providing guidance in a transparent manner and assessing a counselee’s potential.


Build a learning organization that creates a trustworthy environment and offers appropriate, unbiased education services in a professional manner, leveraging technology and modern tools.