Prassanna Rao

I have known Binita Deb from .“Deb education consultancy Services” for over 10 years now.

She is a dedicated and highly experienced education consultant who not only has a vast profile of colleges and universities across the globe, to offer but also has the right knowledge and approach to make sure you secure an admission in your desired college or university.[[MORE]]

I had approached her around 10 years ago for an MBA degree admission in a UK university. As I was a mature student over 30 years of age, wanting to quit my job to pursue this degree, I had my own apprehensions about securing an admission into the university of my choice. Binita ma'am not only helped me get a seat in a good UK university, she also motivated me to take this right decision when I was unsure and had developed a cold feet.

I have been in the UK ever since and I am highly grateful to her for all that I have achieved in these years. Had I not received her timely guidance, assistance and motivation I wouldn't have been here today.

I am sure she has continue the good work in this field helping aspiring students to achieve their goals and I wish her and her entire team at Deb education consultancy all the success for many years to come."

Umesh Kshirsagar

I approached ‘Debs Education Consultancy Services’ to design my plans for a MS program abroad, post completion of my B tech (Mechatronics) from Terna Engineering college. Mumbai. My financial constraints however made me sceptical to decide on an overseas education plan. [[MORE]]

My father, on the other hand was convinced about the guidance and support that I would receive from Ms Binita Deb. This was because she had properly guided one of his colleague’s ward earlier.

Once I started talking to her, I also started believing in my dad’s impression of her. She made me understand how I could avail of an opportunity to study in Italy instead of the USA/UK or even other countries where the fees would involve considerable monetary requirements.

Considering all my strengths and opportunities, she recommended me for a Master’s degree course in Automation Engineering from University of Catania. Italy. She also ensured to get me a full scholarship for my fees and living expenses there. It was virtually free education. I am grateful to her for providing me the right direction and have thus recommended my friends also to her.

Italy is a beautiful and peaceful country, and Italians are beautiful, friendly and cooperative people. I am convinced of the guidance I got from her and would wish her all the best in her endeavours to guide students for becoming Global citizens."

Anunay Kumar

This note stands testimony to the guidance I received from Debs Education Consultancy services.

Post my completion of my BMS from ‘Malini Kishor Sanghvi College of Commerce & Economics’ Mumbai. I got to intern with ‘M/s SportzConsult’ (a sporting events group) in Mumbai since August 2018, in their ‘Marketing & Operations’ team.[[MORE]]

I was pondering about working overseas as my only brother (elder to me) was working in Dubai. I however knew that my experience was inadequate to land me a cushy job. My elder brother guided me to Debs Education Consultancy services, where I had an interesting chat with Ms. Binita Deb.

Once we got talking, I realised that I was in capable hands. She started telling me of the prospects of the subjects that I could delve in. Looking at my profile and interest, she suggested to me to take up a Masters course in Sports Management from one of the reputed University in Australia. I was then completely convinced.

Her integrity and conviction to find the right fit for a student is beyond comprehension. She counsels students to their conviction and guides them appropriately. I am now pursuing my Masters in Sports Management from Deakin University.

Though I left for Australia, before the Pandemic spread, I am grateful to her for giving me another piece of worldly advise for which I could stay back in Australia even during the Pandemic. I wish her all the best to guide students for an overseas study as she continues to do today. Finally I must add that experience counts."

Alekh Khetmali

I am a student from B tech (Mechatronics) from Terna Engineering college. Mumbai. I hail from a middle-class background and was motivated by my classmate who went to study MS in Italy through Debs Education Consultancy services. I never had hopes to go abroad for my higher studies. He on his departure for higher studies, narrated his experience, and suggested that I too approach Debs Education Consultancy Services.[[MORE]]

I found out how true he was, when I went to meet her personally. Since finance was a concern for me too, I suggested that we see Italy as an option. Looking at my profile and eligibility, she suggested to apply to various Universities in Italy. One day she broke the news that I had received an invite from University of Bologna (ranked 160 (2021) in QS ranking) for a Master’s program in Automation Engineering. My joy knew no bounds.

She then followed up with my scholarship, my place of stay, my visa application and all formalities concerned. I liked her approach to the problem. I am of course thoroughly impressed by her, and as I proceed with my perusal of this course, form University of Bologna, I wish her all the very best for the guidance and counselling others too."

Vijay Dhadhke

This note stands testimony to the guidance I received from Debs Education Consultancy services.

The experience she (Ms. Binita) exults is awesome and that stands for her extreme patience she demonstrates. Bored with my work experience in India, I was seeking for immigration to Canada. I was however not making up in the points. Many consultants whom I approached either advised me wrongly or did not entertain me. Under such circumstances, when I had lost all hopes, I came across Debs Education Consultancy services. [[MORE]]

She looked at my case and instead suggested a study abroad proposition to me. She counselled me for 2-3 years, to the benefits of such a Global program. Then we discussed the options available.

While I was holding a MTech degree already from India and was in the teaching profession, we agreed upon to my doing a Master’s program in Data Engineering. This as she said would fit into my requirements of learning something new and benefitting from it. She suggested that I take up MSc in Data Engineering from University of Dundee. UK.

I have now moved to UK and am finding Life anew. Thank you Ms. Binita to help me learn better. Wish you all the best to counsel the lost ones like me too."

Arun Mohan

Mrs. Binita Deb played a major role in helping me realise my dream of securing work overseas through higher education. I was initially considering some of the most common countries us Indians generally talk about for further studies viz. Germany, New Zealand, Australia, UK and Canada...[[MORE]] She was the first to introduce me to the idea of studying in Ireland, an idea I thankfully pursued, and this has eventually proven to be one of the better decisions I’ve taken in my life… I found the level of education here (in Ireland) to be very high and the competition very healthy too. Soon after the completion of my course I was able to secure a job in my desired field here too… I am extremely grateful to her for her guidance and mentoring during that stage when I was clueless about what institutes and courses I needed to consider, and the process needed to be followed to connect with the institutes…""

Nikhil Kanojia

I will be forever grateful to Binita Madam for her guidance in helping me with my ‘Masters’ application. She brainstormed with me and has pushed me to do better in all aspects of the application (specially her guidance for SOP and LORs). It is because of her that I successfully completed my master’s in computer science from Pace University (New York) USA in 2019. I am still in USA workng as a Java Developer with my client Jefferies.[[MORE]]

Her knowledge about the universities and her approachable nature has been a source of constant support. She has backed me in each step of the way and has followed up with me to ensure that I don’t miss important deadlines (I was working at that period in life back in India).

Overall a humble and sweet personality always displaying a supportive nature. I strongly recommend her to any student seeking guidance for Study abroad for any subject. I am also expressing my gratitude for the support I received from her."

Divya Srinivasan

This note stands testimony to the guidance I received from Debs Education Consultancy services

I hail from a middle-class Indian family. My sibling is an elder sister, who pursued engineering and went to the USA for higher studies. I, on the other hand, was keen on medicine. Due to a setback in my family during my school days, I could not obtain a medical seat in India and hence pursued a degree in Occupational Therapy. My passion was to, however, pursue medicine.

I approached ‘Debs Education Consultancy Services’ at the recommendations of a friend who consulted with DECS for higher studies. I, too, sought to further my passion during the consultancy giving them my background.

Taking into consideration my passion and my goal to become a contributor to the world of medicine, Mrs Binita Deb viewed my request seriously and then suggested an eastern European country famous for its Doctors i.e. Hungary. I did considerable research to understand the study curriculum in Hungary, their eligibility criterion, and my chances of obtaining an admission there. Fees was also another consideration as well.

Mrs. Binita Deb guided me properly (including appearing for NEET) and ensured my admission in the University of Debrecen. Now I am in Hungary ready to complete my dreams. I will become a M.D during a stint of 6 years here and also eligible to do research in Medicine. I consider it a privilege to be guided appropriately to pursue my passion."

Nicole Moses Tuscano

I, Nicole Moses Tuscano, belong to one of the few ‘East Indian’ Christian Community, now residing in Mumbai. Having done fairly well in academics till date, i.e., in my secondary and Higher Secondary School, in the year 2020, post my high school, I decided to pursue further studies with Psychology as my major from Canada.
I approached Debs Education Consultancy Services, since my parents’ experience during my brothers’ study abroad plan with a regular consultant was little stressing. It was only after receiving my marks that I went to Debs Consultancy. As the pandemic was looming on our heads, Binita Madam advised me that it would be the right decision to look for the spring/summer entry the following year. As things turned out, I got an admission in Trent University, a university of my choice and desire.
The best thing to share about Binita madam is her rigorous follow-up at every stage of the application processing, i.e. collating documents, assisting in writing SOP, selection of universities and course selections. She guided and hand held me right till the visa filing and even beyond.
I am extremely happy and so are my parents about this experience. I wish her well with the others approaching for guidance and counselling."