Study in Canada

Canada features 5th in the 'World ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF)' ranking for best English-speaking country preparing students for the future.

Why Study in Canada

Canada allows student to extend study permit and find out about working while you study or after you graduate.

Canada is ranked by UN as one of the best places to live in.

Education in Canada is cheaper in comparison to studying in either USA or Australia.

Prominent Universities

University of Toronto
University of British Columbia
University de Montreal
 University of Alberta
University of Calgary
University of Ottawa
McGill University
McMaster University

Subjects to best pursue

Canada offers many subject to the students fraternity. Should your interest however lie in any of the following subject, then it a must list country of consideration for you

  1. Agriculture, Forestry & Life sciences, 
  2. Medical Physics, Nanotechnology 
  3. Business Management - Corporate, Sports 
  4. Engineering & Technology 
  5. Geo Sciences & Renewable energy 
  6. Physics 
  7. Astronomy

Points for Consideration

Canadian Universities offer students either a SPRING or a FALL intake. Canada is also one of the popular destinations to pursue Research work. Popular subjects can vary from Science & Technology to Geosciences & Agriculture

  • Graduate course - (T.F.- INR 18L + L.E.- INR 8L)
    totalling INR 26 L p.a. approx. .
  • PG course - (T.F.- INR 12.5L + L.E.- INR 8L)
    totalling INR 20 L p.a. approx.
  • MBA course - (T.F.- INR 16.5 L + L.E - INR 8L)
    totalling INR 25 L p.a. approx.


  • Work part time 20 Hrs a week on holidays
  • 1-3 years stay back option. 
  • Cheaper living cost options available 
  • Scholarships, grants & bursaries available (UG &PG)

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