Frequently Asked Questions

  • As its tag line states ‘New Vistas of Education’, Debs Education Consultancy Services (DECS) is about counselling and advisory services, assuring each applicant of a study abroad opportunity.  

  • DECS assesses applicant’s potential, based on track records and passion for the subject, one would wish to pursue, feed the data into its own experienced learning curve, and thereafter recommend the university/college, or for that matter a country where the applicant should pursue their future studies.

  • It’s just not about Engineering, Management or Medicine, DECS counsel and advice on important subjects like Modern Arts, Music, Architecture, Law, Accounting, Economics, Photography, Avionics, etc.

  • DECS understands and differentiates the needs of students for pursuing Professional and Academic courses. DECS search may also include pedagogy and other relevant matters, prior to recommending.

  • DECS however does not limit students from stating their preferred choice of Country/ University/ College (part of our process) to peruse their future education. A combination that DECS find very effective.

  • Notwithstanding what is stated above, DECS T&C (Terms & Conditions) assures the applicants of a study abroad opportunity.

  • Most of the developed nation have focused on impart of education in both academic and professional manner. The greatest advantage they bring forth to the table is that the teacher to student ratio is low, thus bringing in focus.

  • Each developed nation, though over time, has been associated with a subject i.e. France with Fine Arts (Ecole), Switzerland with Hospitality (Gilan & Ecole), Germany with Mechanical & Auto. USA has been associated with Law (Harvard), Management (Sloan & Harvard) and Engineering (MIT) etc.

  • DECS still believes, that apart, many universities have been hidden jewels in a crown since they were not marketed properly and hence researches these jewels constantly, to recommend the best to an applicant, based on merit of each case.

  • DECS process includes collating applicant’s data in a database and process the same with our learning curve, and matching them with requirements of Universities in the global domain, and then recommend at least 3 kinds (Ambitious, Safe & Moderate) of Universities, where the applicant should apply.

  • The process also includes capturing the choice of the applicant and recommend the probability of obtaining admission into these Universities/Colleges.

  • DECS will render support to the applicant in filing application to the shortlisted institutions.

  • DECS will also hand hold the applicant for filing visa, providing comfort to the individual.

  • DECS will charge fees for the services rendered to the applicants at various stages of consultancy offered. Other charges (application fees, visa application fees, courier charges, insurance etc.) will have to be borne by the applicants.

  • Under the Academic Master’s, Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) is awarded. These degrees are usually awarded in the field of fine-arts, science, Financial and humanities discipline. It may be noted that M.S. is awarded in technical fields also like engineering and agriculture. Applicants can further pursue a doctoral degree post obtaining an Academic Master’s degree.

  • Professional Master’s degree are designed to take the student from the undergraduate course to a particular profession (in the market). Professional Master’s degree are often “terminal’ master’s program, in the sense that they do not lead to doctoral programs. The degrees that fall under this category are M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration), M.S.W. (Master of Social Work), M.Ed. (Master of Education). Other subjects that come under this are journalism, international relations, architecture, urban planning.  This degree is more oriented toward direct application of knowledge in the field than towards research.

  • A Professional master’s degree abroad may or may not be recognized in India for pursuing a Doctoral degree basis UGC recognition, i.e. UGC in general does not recognize a 1 year master’s degree program.

DECS recommends that at least 8-9 months preparation time prior to applying. However, if you have planned it well in advance and relevant documents are available, the time can be restricted to at least one month, prior to the university deadline.

DECS recommends that applicants should complete the formalities within the stipulated intake and complete admission. However, in case of extreme exigency, DECS may consider postponing the admission process (depending on University acceptance) to the next intake. Applicants will have to apply afresh, post the same.

DECS understands the need of privacy for the data provided by an applicant, Please refer to our privacy policy addressed through our main tab on the website.